Sound Bar Reviews

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Sound Bar Reviews

Some of the best soundbars are made by the top names in digital audio manufacturing. Companies, like: Yamaha, Polk, Panasonic, Samsung and many others make some of the best sound projectors available today. Of course, before you buy the perfect one for your home theater system, you should read sound bar reviews to make sure you are choosing the best model for your price range.

Now that you know all about sound bars, you need to know where to find the best deals on these powerful, single speaker solutions. Check out Sound Bar Reviews on all the best models.

Check out some sound bar reviews to see which models offer the best sound, and while you're at it, look for the best deals to save some money in the process. You'll be amazed at how much better movies sound when you crank up the volume on a brand new soundbar.

Philips does a good job by launching a range of sound bars to keep up with the trend for this stylish type of sound systems and the HTS6120/98 is one of them. This system is suitable for those who do not wish to clutter a room with multiple speakers, and still wish to have the booming bass for better experience.Click for more information on soundbar reviews.

Don't go anywhere just yet. Now that you know some of the specs, it's time to find the best prices on all the best sound bars. You can find great soundbar reviews and the best prices on home theater audio equipment, all at one spot.

Let's start with the most common complaint for LG 42LV4400 : the sound. The sound has adequate volume, but it doesn't have any richness or bass to it. When I was in the bedroom and my wife had the sound up so loud I couldn't concentrate on my work (I work out of my home), I had to ask her to turn the sound down. So, yes the sound is bad, but not as bad as people make out. The volume is adequate, and the sound is OK for watching talk shows, Dr. Oz, and the morning news shows. In reading various TV reviews, lousy sound is by far the most common complaint. Flat screen TV speakers just can't match larger speakers. Of course a sound system makes this a non-issue, but I realize that some folks spent all they could afford on the TV and don't want to go out and spend another 200 - 300 dollars on a sound system or bar. NO PROBLEM. The thing that is so nice about this LG 42LV4400 is that it has an audio out 1/8 inch port. This means any computer speakers can be used. You can even turn off the TV speakers, set your computer speakers on "variable" and the volume control on the remote will control the sound coming from your computer speakers. I hooked up a CA 2.1 system (two speakers plus a subwoofer) and it increased the sound quality about a zillion times. And I only paid about $20 for these. Go to ebay and type in the search box "2.1 speakers" and you will have all kinds of choices. Try the Logitech or Altec Lansing for very nice speakers (25 - 50 dollars) or for especially good speakers get the Klipsch ones (60 -90 dollars). Or if you can't afford this, go to some garage sales when the weather turns warmer and you'll soon see a system. I plugged in some ancient speakers I bought this way for $3 and the sound went from bad to great. So there is no reason to diss this LG 42LV4400 over the sound.

Conclusion The KEF KHT8005 does not come cheap. There is a little bit more work than regular sound bars for setup because purchase comes with two satellite speakers, an uncommon feature for sound bars. Plus, some configurations that should be fixed has been set in a way that allows users to configure it manually, which could cause potential damage to the satellite speakers. Yet, KEF would have gained a following with the Uni-Q technology that wins hands down against most other technology in the market.Click here for more information and soundbar reviews.